Essentials of Eve Incense Collection

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These fragrance oils have more essential oils added but are still synthetic fragrance oils so incense sticks/cones have the benefit or the essential oils with the safety of the fragrance oil.  Pure essential oils can be hazardous to kids and/or pets when burned so we do not use straight essential oils in candles/wax melts/incense but every fragrance oil has a touch of essential oils in them, these just have more!  Lighter scent throws are to be expected since that is the nature of essential oils when burned.  We do have a line of straight essential oils for diffuser use.  Our Goddess Essential Oils and the Essentails of Eve line are completely different.  Essentials of Eve Incense Collection is made of several sizes of 10' and several sizes of 1 inch wooden cones!  These are available in all 8 varieties in the Essentials of Eve line.  Each 10' stick burns for approximately 45 minutes.