TAT Times- Turn around time (TAT) is 3 to 5 business days for most items.  I do get orders out as quickly as possible but the current TAT is the longest amount of time it would take.

Discounts- We have a 10% off code to use at checkout (BlessedBe) and it works on all Cerynda's Enchantments items.  It however, does not work for Pandora's Box, or Pandora's Box Remix option as these are already HIGHLY discounted off the regular retail.  Free shipping on wax related items is running currently, and will be automatically reflected at checkout and does work with the 10% off code.

Pandora's Box of Indie Obsessions- This is a monthly pre order with 7 to 10 independent brands participating each month.  Each month has a theme that inspires each brand owner to create something special.  Each brand owner has full control over whether a product may or may not be released into their current line at a future date.  Cerynda's Enchantments does not make any products that are not our own.   We simply offer a way to showcase independently owned brands from the beauty, skincare, and jewelry communities.  We have even offered certain food/beverage items!  As an example of the way the pre order works each month: July's edition opened on June 1st and closed on June 15th.  The estimated ship date is July 1st-5th. At times we have had shipping delays though we try to avoid them at all costs by either replacing an item with another or shipping something separately.  This does not happen often, but it has happened a time or 2.  Once the Pandora's Box has shipped an email follows within 3 days of shipment to describe each brands contribution, regular item price, company information etc.  Sometimes an owner participating may decide to showcase a sample of their product in a Pandora's Box, but it is only available in full size if you wished to order from them at a future date.  Any savings codes or sales info will also be listed in each email.

Auto-Renew option- The auto-renew option is something new added to the Pandora's Box pre orders!  Please excuse us as we learn along with you!  It is billed every 30 days.  So if you ordered for the first time, for example, on July 29; your next bill date would be 30 days later on August 28.  This does not mean your shipping times differ from any other order for a Pandora's Box current edition.  The benefits to the auto-renew are 1. Never having to remember each month to order. 2. Regardless of what date you have started your auto-renew you will ALWAYS receive any special gifts we offer during an early release.  And 3. Auto-renew customers will be receiving special gifts through December 2020 as a thank you for trying out this new service and learning with us!  Since we have to have a cut off date to give vendors a specific order count we stay on the same schedule.  For example, if you set up an auto renew purchase from September 1st-15th you will receive the October edition as your first order (ships the first week of October).  If you set up an auto renew purchase from September 16th-the last day of the month you will receive the November edition as your first order(ships the first week of November).  If you have questions please email me anytime!

Ordering- If you are ordering items from Cerynda's Enchantments line WITH a Pandora's Box current pre order, the normal TAT time does not apply.  The items will all ship together when the Pandora's Box pre order ships.  If you want things separately please place separate orders. 

Pandora's Box Remix option- These are leftover items from previous months.  Each package has the same amount of items as a current Pandora's Box (7-10).  These items are chosen at random so if you have purchased Pandora's Box in the past it is highly likely you will receive duplicate items.  You may send an email to request certain items and we will do our best to fulfill those requests but there are no guarantees. 

Scent requests-All of our current offerings are listed in the scent library with full description of each scent.  However, we have over 400 scents on hand and we have access to over 4000 very quickly.  If there is something you are looking for please send us an email so we can add it for you or source the proper ingredients to add. 

Communication- Never be afraid to ask any question.  We will do our absolute best to accommodate in any way we can. You can email us at ceryndasenchantments@hotmail.com or Facebook message us anytime on the Cerynda's Enchantments Facebook page.  We try to respond quickly, usually within an hour but please allow 24 hours for reply.

Refunds/Exchanges- Because of the nature of these items, either the Cerynda's Enchantments line or Pandora's Box line, we cannot accept or offer refunds or exchanges.  If an item arrives broken in transit please send us a photo with a message explaining how the package was delivered.  This message MUST be received within 3 days of the package being delivered.  We will do everything in our power to replace the item or in some cases refund it. If a scent you have chosen isn't what you thought it would be please email us and we will do whatever we can to help rectify the situation.   We offer a scent library with as much detail as possible as to what each scent includes, however we cannot be responsible if, for example, you don't like strawberry and did not read the scent description before ordering.