Essential of Eve Body Collection

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Our First full collection!  Consists of eight different scents, New Bitten!, Breathe, Frolic, Lavender Garden, Nightshade, Risen, White Clove, and Wind Chill.  1 oz and 4 oz potion lotion, 10 ml and 30 ml Roll On Body Oil, 1 oz and 2 oz body/hair/linen spray, and 1 oz and 2 oz body oil sprays.  These scents do have more essentials oils mixed in them but they are still fragrance oils.  Our Goddess Essential Oil line are straight essential oils and are not a part of the Essentials of Eve line.  The Essentials of eve are Fragrance Oils with more essential oil mixed in and can have a tad lighter scent throw as is the nature of essential oils.