Burning Oils

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Burning oils are for use in aroma lamps.  We have tested them in electric warmers, as well as open flame (tart candles) warmers.  The great thing about these is you can customize them more than any other product!  Order a few different scents and use them separately or mix them up and create your own concoction!  They now come in 2 sizes, 15ml(1/2 oz) and 30ml(1 oz).  These come in glass bottles with a dropper top for easy use and we do not dilute these burning oils with any carrier oil.  Keep oils stored in a cool/dry area, away from direct light, and away from children and pets.

Using Aroma Lamps:

To use an aroma lamp, place a small amount of water in the dish on top of the heat source.  Add the desired amount of burning oil to the water and enjoy!  If using an open flame warmer please do not leave unattended.

**Cerynda's Enchantments is not responsible for any injuries or damage associated with the use of a warmer.