About us

Cerynda's Enchantments was started over 20 years ago.  My husband and I began hand dipping incense and pouring candles with our children as a way to supplement income.  Our family owns 3 other businesses and we would use those store fronts to have a place to sell our products.  Now that our children are grown adults, we have more time to really focus on Cerynda's Enchantments and expand to a larger audience!   

About the family- Amy grew up in Boston, Mass.  Her grandparents had 2 sub shops in South Boston where she grew up in small family business.  Her mother worked at the sub shop and her dad worked at Greyhound to start and moved over to Plymouth and Brockton Bus Lines.  They always had side businesses.  Avon, Cake decorating, special occasion videography, automotive repair, and the list goes on.  While on the job at P&B her dad received a chance to work on the bus for Loretta Lynn.  Loretta and her husband Mooney were so happy with his work they insisted that he move the family to Branson MO and open a bus repair facility.  After careful thought, the family was moved to Branson.  They sold their home and bought/remodeled a 1966 GMC bus into a motorhome.  She and her sister shared the baggage compartment area as a bedroom.  As the 4 of them and a pick up truck washed buses on the side of the road, serviced the lavatories, performed maintenance repairs, they worked hard and moved from the bus to a trailer to a large 3 bedroom home.  As time went on she met Judd in the 9th grade.  Judd had moved to Branson from Booneville MO.  The youngest of 13 kids, he was staying with his older sister who was attending the local college.  Judd struggled with family loss from a young age.  His mother passed when he was 5 years old and his dad passed 6 months after he moved to Branson.  He was taught to work hard from a young age so he worked hard even through the struggles.  Just after graduating high school they found out they were going to be parents to their oldest son, Tyler.  On January 19, 1998 Tyler was born.  A few months later they found out they were having another baby!  January 19, 1999 Andrew was born.  At 19 and 20 years old they now had 2 children to support.  So they always figured out ways to supplement income.  Things that they could do as a family.  Over the years the family had moved from the 4 of them and a pick up truck, to a rented bay, to a rented shop, to building their own 6 bay repair facility.  In 2002 they added the convenience store, and in 2004 they added the needlework supply store.  Amy manages the convenience store with Judd, her sister manages the needlework supply store, her dad and brother in law manage the repair facility and bus/r.v. wash station, and her mom makes sure it all runs smoothly.  Both boys learned very early how to work in the convenience store, wash buses, even do needlework! They are now in their 20s and 1 is a manager at a local Wal-mart and 1 is in the navy.  In 2021, Amy had emergency brain surgery to removea growing benign tumore (9 more were found).  During the surgery she suffered a small stroke and has some memory issues from time to time but has since made a full recovery.  In the midst of all of this growing and learning together they found they had a good time hand dipping incense, making different scent creations, and everyone could be a part of it!  They use the convenience store and the needlework supply store to showcase items for sale.